Coning oil specially designed for fine count multifilament yarn (Polyamide 6 &66 or Polyester) lubrication on high speed winding processes.
Suitable for covered elastane and also rayon viscose (dyed or raw white) rewinding.
Used for DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) winding process.
Not recommended for polypropylene.

Product description

Gets rid of oil splashes
Enables to obtain low and regular unwinding tensions
Reduces oil dripping at the yarn-guides
Does not provoke yellowing when exposed to light and to heat treatments
Improves the regularity of oil pick up by the yarns
Brings a good cohesive power, which enable to minimize filament breakages
Ensures low Yarn/Metal friction coefficients
Is easily scoured in washing baths
Gives the yarns a good antistatic protection
Is stable during storage
"Readily biodegradable" reached the Pw1 level (the highest level) under the Norme OECD 301 B