Hot pressing machines and systems specially designed for low-viscosity aqueous fl uids.
Operating temperatures: +5 °C to +55 °C.

Product description

HYDRANSAFE HFA-S5 produces a single phase, extremely stable, mineral oil free solution once put in a clean hydraulic system in quality water.
HYDRANSAFE HFA-S5 solution has a very low foam tendency and is compatible with the usual type of elastomers used in HFA type of hydraulic installations (ISO 6072 NBR and FKM).
HYDRANSAFE HFA-S5 solution provides excellent protection against corrosion to metals normally used in hydraulic systems (ISO IP 287).
HYDRANSAFE HFA-S5 solution is very resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. Its durability provides a long life time of the solution and reduces maintenance - with service intervals longer than mineral oil based HFA emulsions (type HFAE fluids).