Transmission fluid suitable for extended drain intervals (up to 300 000km), on manual gearboxes of commercial vehicles from Renault Trucks, DAF, MAN, Iveco, and for all vehicles equipped with ZF or Eaton manual gearboxes.
Recommended for any application requiring an API GL-4 level of performance.
Semi-synthetic transmission fluid for mechanical gearboxes, whether synchronized or nonsynchronized, functioning under very severe conditions of load, speed and Epecifically developed for heavy duty ZF gearboxes fitted with an integrated retarder (ZF Intarder), where the thermal constraints are the most severe.

Product description

high viscosity index allowing easy cold start and good gear shifting feel under all circumstances.
Enhanced extreme-pressure and antiwear properties, for a maximal durability of gears and bearings
as well as synchronisers.
Excellent antifoam, anticorrosion and antirust properties to allow an optimal and durable functionality of all the
gearbox components.
Compatible with most synchronizer types.
Excellent resistance to oxidation and very good shear stability, allowing the oil to keep its excellent
properties intact with time for extended drain intervals up to 300 000 km.
Unique formulation reducing friction and splash losses, generating remarkable and valuable fuel economy
savings to the user