Transmission fluid especifically developed for Mercedes-Benz rear axles, especially for the HL6 axle where a lubricant with MB-Approval 235.20 is required.
Very high performance mineral fluid developed for axles and gears of commercial vehicles when API GL-5 and SAE J2360 levels are required.
Particularly recommended for the lubrication of hypoïd rear axles with very severe load.
Suitable for the service fill of hypoid axles on commercial vehicles from MAN, DAF, Iveco, Volvo, Renault Trucks, with extended drain intervals.

Product description

high extreme pressure and antiwear performance, preventing gear failure.
Enhanced oxidative and thermal stability, together with stable viscometrics allowing extended drain interval equivalent to some synthetic oils (up to 350 000km).
Excellent wear reducing properties, high oxidation resistance and antirust properties.
Excellent antifoam, anticorrosion and antirust properties.
Reduction of friction losses and of the operating temperature of rear axles, allowing fuel economy savings compared to other mineral oils.
Significantly improved dynamic seals performance preventing leakages and deposits.