Transmission fluid especifically designed for the high performance lubrication of Mercedes Benz rear axles, with very extended drain intervals up to 500 000km.
Very high performance multigrade axle oil, formulated for the most severely loaded gear applications, with fuel economy synthetic technology.
Recommended for manual gearboxes, rear axles, or any gear assembly requiring API GL-5, API MT-1 or SAE J2360 levels of performance.
Particularly suitable for the lubrication of rear axles of commercial vehicles from MAN, DAF, Iveco, Volvo, Renault Trucks, especially highly loaded hub-reduction and tandem axles.

International classifications


Manufacturers specifications

MAN 342 type S-1

MB-Approval 235.8

Volvo 97312

Additional performances

  • MIL-L 2105 E

Outstanding extreme-pressure performance, for an exceptional protection of hypoid gears running at the limit
of their load and speed capacities.
Very high oxidation stability with a formulation based on synthetic polyalphaolefins and ester base stocks,
carefully selected for their thermal resistance to thermal constraints, allowing very extended drain intervals.
Excellent shear stability in severe conditions of use.
Significantly reduces friction and temperature in metal- to-metal contacts, thus generating lower operating
temperatures, improved efficiency and extended axle lifetime.
Generating Fuel Economy thanks to the remarkable reduction of splash losses in the axles