Highly accelerated quenching oil intended for the processing of steels having a low hardening capacity : custom heat treatment, screws and bolts, small mechanical components.- Utilisation temperature : 30°C to 80°C can be used in all types of furnaces with separate or built-in tanks.

Product description

Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal changes owing to:- the use of highly refined base oils.- the presence of efficient and durable antioxidant additives which give long bath life.- High flash point to ensure risk-free operation in the utilisation temperature range.- Low volatility limits evaporation loss and the formation of vapours and fumes.- Effective, durable cooling powers guarantee mechanical properties achieved after quenching (hardness, depth of hardness).- Low fluidity at the temperature of use reduces loss by entrainment, resulting in product savings.- Excellent parts quality after hardening.- Outstanding rate of cooling at high temperature combined wiht exceptional wetting power.