Neat oil for cold forming operations on ferrous and non ferrous metals, specially recommended for cold heading operations: manufacture of screws and bolts of all types, for example on the "National" machines.

Product description

-Excellent extreme-pressure level: tool and die protection.
High load charge to offer adequate protection against seizure and to keep the oil film under high pressure (tool/piece interface), thus limiting tool wear.
-Resistance to oxidation: reducing consumption.
MARTOL SB 68 oils are durable fluids which offer a constant quality throughout production and by the same token, reduce costs, by increasing drain intervals.
-Rust protection: MARTOL SB 68 oils satisfy procedure B of the ASTM D 665 sandard test (with synthetic sea water).
-Corrosion protection: MARTOL SB 68 oils are neutral in their reaction to copper and alloys.