LUBRICLEAN EP is a "green" solvent issued from vegetable chemistry. LUBRICLEAN EP is certified without chlorine, aromatics and none VOC (volatile organic compounds). After application on surfaces to be cleaned, LUBRICLEAN EP evaporates slowly at ambient temperature and leaves a thin oily film with extreme pressure properties. The film is easily emulsifiable with water if complete degreasing is required.

Product description

LUBRICLEAN EP scours and cleans, during running under heavy loads, the dirty metallic surfaces covered by hydrocarbons and petrol cockefied residues as calcined lacquer such as:
- All size chains.
- Open gears.
- Cables and racks gearing.
LUBRICLEAN EP can be used by average pressure spray gun on metallic parts which are to be treated on the temperature range of 20 to 80°C.