Operating temperature: -10 °C to +70 °C on a continuous basis, +150 °C at peak periods.

Product description

HYDRANSAFE FRS are synthetic fluids free of water consisting of phosphate esters. They resist ignition under the most severe conditions and, even if ignited, will not continue to support combustion once the source of ignition is removed.
Their excellent fire-resistance has been demonstrated by the results to the multiple specialized tests designed to reproduce these potential dangers :
Fire point and autoignition temperature.
Flow on red-hot metal
Projection on fused metal
Spray ignition tests
HYDRANSAFE FRS display excellent overall performance in hydraulic circuits :
Excellent lubrication performance and anti-wear properties.
Good thermal and oxidation stability.
Low volatility.
Prevention of foaming and quick air release.
Good resistance to hydrolysis and quick demulsibility.
Rust prevention (steel, aluminium, brass, zinc,cadmium, magnesium, copper).
Excellent shear stability.
Good filterability.