Transmission fluid recommended for all automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) GM DEXRON III.
Also recommended for couplers and convertors, power-assisted steering systems.

Manufacturers specifications

Meets the requirement of : GM DEXRON® III-G - GM DEXRON® III-H

MAN 339 type V-1 - MAN 339 type Z-1 - MAN 339 type L-1

Meets the requirement of : MERCON®

VOITH H55.6335.xx

Volvo 97341

ZF TE-ML 04D - ZF TE-ML 11B - ZF TE-ML 14A

Additional performances

  • Suitable for : ALLISON C4
Outstanding thermal stability in operation thanks to its high antioxidant and detergent level.
Excellent friction properties giving controlled slip for friction components: gear shifting quality, demands smooth clutching action without excessive slip.
High antiwear, anticorrosion and antifoam performances.
Very high viscosity index.
Low temperature fluidity to avoid surge or sudden overload of circuits when starting in very cold weather.
Precise and smooth automatic shifting even at very low speed.