Biodegradable lubricant for guides and chainsaws meeting the European Ecolabel.
Certified conform to the European Ecolabel requirements. Registration Number: FR / 27 / 02 / 08 AFNOR CERTIFICATION
It helps to reduce the pollution and to reduce the resources consumption.
Meets criteria of the 44th article of 2006 French Agriculture Law, modified in 2010.
It satisfies the technical performance criteria of RAL UZ 48 norm from German "BLUE ANGEL" Ecolabel.
Particularly adapted to the lubrication of chains and guides of mechanical chainsaws and especially those installed on forestry cutting machinery.
It is also recommended for chain conveyors.

Product description

Friendly environmentally product thanks to its total biodegradability after user.
Very good lubrication due to its excellent tackiness additives.
Oil throw off reduction.
Oil consumption reduction.
Guide and chain wear reductions.
Colourless and odourless.