Cleaning of all engines, elimination of fuels and resins, removes tar, bitumen, floor cleaning.

Product description

Product free from VOC, free from hydrocarbon solvent, 100% biodegradable, odorless, useable in confined places and on sensitive material.
This product is not subjected to the 1999/13/EC Directive regarding emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds.
This product does not contain any substance classified as explosive, oxidizing, flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic, and harmful for reproduction, irritant, sensitive, corrosive or dangerous for the environment.
Non inflammable, it has no obligation to classify the area of utilization in ATEX zone (Directive dated July 8, 2003).
It is rapidly and completely biodegradable. It protects the environment in case of accidental spill as well as the population living nearby. It does not request any authorization from Administrative authorities (Decree 2002-680).
Easily biodegradable according to OECD 301 B test - 94% / 28 days (control of CO2 emission during degradation).
Entirely biodegradable according to OECCD 302 C test (manometric control during degradation).
The product is virtually odorless which allows prolonged use even in confined places.