GRAKOTE G 1 is a lubricant paste containing a high concentration of solid lubricants. This
paste has an excellent resistance to scoring and corrosion. Above 200°C the base oil slowly
evaporates, which leaves a compound of solid lubricants, producing a tenacious dry film.
Eliminates stick-slip and micro welding up to 1000°C. This adhesive paste stays put before
and after the evaporation of its base oil, permitting long relubrification intervals.

Product description

GRAKOTE G 1 was designed for high temperature applications where classic high
temperature grease evaporate very quickly, or burn off. The GRAKOTE G 1 is well suited for
the lubrication of cans, hinges, swivels, slides, ramps, runners, etc…that are submitted to
high temperatures.
GRAKOTE G 1 may also be applied to slow turning heavy bearings and journals.