- Mix of synthetic esters and base oils
- No formation of toxic components
- reduce fire risk (less 100 ppm of water)
- ECO solution
- Better mold durability
- Higher quality of finished product
- Conform to main OEM specifications for synthetic oil

Product description

 IRONCAST SY 40 is a mix of synthetic ester and base oils for the continuous casting of steel billets.
 IRONCAST SY 40 leaves no residue during the casting process. Thanks to its very strong lubricating layer, it prevents direct contact between the steel and the internal walls of the mould, thereby permitting continuous flow and a uniform cooling of the steel.
 IRONCAST SY 40 enables increased productivity as regards the continuous casting systems of the steel by preventing inclusions of superficial oxides and avoiding formation of solid deposits liable to harm the quality of the steel ingot.