‚ÄčSynthetic oil (PAO) for electric wheel motor gearing.TOTAL DYNATRANS GEA gear oil is suitable for use in spur, helical, bevel, and most types of industrial hypoid gearing.It is also suitable for ball, roller and other types of antifriction bearings.This product ¬†has been tailored to meet demanding electric wheel motor gear requirements.Dynatrans GE series lubricant life and extended service intervals may eliminate seasonal oil changes, minimising lubricant use and disposal costs.

Product description

Due to extreme pressure properties, Dynatrans GE provide wear protection in heavily loaded operations. Excellent load carrying capacity
Provides excellent lubricity and low coefficient of friction properties.
Corrosion inhibitors to protest bronze, copper, and steel metallurgy.
Provides good compatibility with conventional seal materials, such as nitrile, fluorocarbon, and polyacrylate, provided the seals are used within their temperature capability.