Cooling liquid suitable for all cooling systems of combustion engines in cars, vans, trucks, buses, constructing machines and agricultural tractors.

Product description

Excellent protection against corrosion, erosion, and cavitation, for aluminium water pumps.
Heat transfer remains optimised: fully organic additives allow avoiding any formation of deposits and leave surfaces clean.
The additives in COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C give to the coolant:
Chemical neutrality (pH 7-8.5).
A reserve of alkalinity to neutralise the acids resulting from the combustion gases.
Resistance to foaming (mainly instability of the foam that might form).
Compatibility with hard water (maximum 40°F).
No silicates, phosphates, chromates, nitrites or boron contains.
COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C is inert to elastomeric seals and paints.