GEAR FLUID 1000 D is a half synthetic oil in a solvent developed for the lubrication of slow open gears at with very high power. Its high viscosity at all temperatures boosted with specific additives gives it remarkable extreme pressure performances with a functional lubricant film from 0°C to+120°C.
GEAR FLUID 1000 D is free from chlorine, heavy metals and solid particles.
GEAR FLUID 1000 D meets the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 9005-E2, Annex D.

Product description

GEAR FLUID 1000 D is specially indicated for the lubrication of open gears with peripheral speed until 10m/s and a power which could exceed 2x5000kW. GEAR FLUID 1000 D is mainly
used on mills and kilns with rotary drums in raw material industries (cement, mining and chemical).
Direction for use: GEAR FLUID 1000 D must be only applied by spray. It is recommended to heat the distribution systems for temperatures below 0°C.