AZOLLA NET HC is used diluted in the fluid of the circuit requiring cleaning.

Product description

AZOLLA NET HC has a high detergency and dispersiveness level.
AZOLLA NET HC is completely miscible with all mineral-based hydraulic fluids.
For hydraulic, greasing or, il applicable, neat cutting oils circuits, AZOLLA NET HC is to be used in a proportion of 5% (or more, according to how dirty the circuit is) mixed with the oil in circulation, at the highest temperature possible (50 to 60°C) for 48 hours before changing the oil. The circuit must be emptied and the filter cartridges replaced before refilling the circuit with new oil.
AZOLLA NET HC may also be used as a preventive means in hydraulic and lubricating circuits that are particularly sensible to accumulation of dirt. When added to the circuit oil in a proportion of 1% on a permanent basis, the circuit is kept outstandingly clean.