Low staining hydraulic oil designed for aluminium cold rolling mills.

Product description

AZOLLA AL series are formulated with non-staining base oils and specific nonstaining additives.
AZOLLA AL series provide the non-staining performances required for the aluminium rolling mills or yellow metals. Using AZOLLA AL reduces the potential of production rejects.
AZOLLA AL oils present good anti-wear properties and a high resistance to corrosion even in the presence of water
AZOLLA AL oils prevent formation of deposits thanks to a very good thermal stability. Their good oxidation resistance provides a greater service life of the lubricant.
AZOLLA AL oils have good demulsification properties.
AZOLLA AL oils are NSF H1 registered.
They are recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur.
AZOLLA AL oils have been formulated for aluminium but they can also be used for steel or yellow metal rolling mills.