Gears offering a risk of incidental discharges into the environment.

Product description

CARTER BIO has very good extreme pressure properties and a high scuffing load capacity ensuring good protection of gears operating under high load.
The synthetic base oils used combine good lubrication properties and a high oxidation stability. These base oils are fulfilling the European Ecolabel criterias for the Biodegradability, the Renewable carbon content and for the Ecotoxicity.
The Biodegradability of CARTER BIO is over 60% after 28 days (OECD 301B testing procedure).
CARTER BIO provides lubrication advantages at both high and low temperatures compared to mineral oils.
- The very high viscosity index and shear stability of CARTER BIO ensures a high lubricating film thickness at high temperatures (see table page 2).
- The lower pour point and the low temperature viscosity will ensure a better start up in cold operating environments.
CARTER BIO is ensuring a high corrosion protection , confirmed with sea water contamination.