Lubricant particularly recommended for all types of 4-stroke scooter engines with automatic gear operation.

Product description

Motor oil specially designed for automatic scooters and gearless 2-wheelers. Its exclusive and unique formulation does not let the oil film break easily, thereby providing superior protection even in heavy traffic ‘stop-n-go’ conditions.

This leads to a distinctly superior performance, which can be felt from the first use itself.

The oil formulation is made for automatic transmission 4-stroke 2-wheelers, certified with the latest JASO MB specifications.

Active prevention of friction.

Eliminates ‘aeration’ of lubricant by preventing foam formation and consequently avoids early wear and tear.

HTHS viscosity: The anti-wear properties give the oil a High Temperature High Shear viscosity. This gives users ideal
performance under extreme pressure conditions. Engine is protected by optimal maintenance of oil film thickness even in the most extreme load or speed conditions.