GEAR FLUID R is a semi synthetic lubricant that has been specially formulated to provoke physical wear through a chemical reaction which is necessary for the chemical lapping in of metallic parts in contact. GEAR FLUID R creates an improvement in surface conditions (a controlled wear in the zones that are under higher load). These high loaded areas create more pressure and temperature, sets off the lapping reaction until the roughness of surfaces is reduced.
GEAR FLUID R is free from solvent, bitumen, chlorine and heavy metals.

Product description

GEAR FLUID R is to be applied at the running-in of new gear sets as to obtain the maximum load distribution pinion to girth gear. Or in case where the profiles are to be corrected on an existing gear set that has been damaged (mainly by scuffing).
Direction for use: GEAR FLUID R could be applied by bath, directly or with paddle wheel, circulation and spray. It is recommended to heat the distribution systems for temperatures below -15°C.